how to safely make videos during covid-19

The world has changed because of COVID-19, and video production has changed with it. But there is some good news - we can still produce videos safely, and video is even more impactful while folks are social distancing. It's one of the best ways to substitute for actual face-to-face interaction.


Many videos can be produced completely remotely by using animation and previously-shot footage.


Here are some examples of animation:

Above: Worldview Films created this animation to announce a new academic journal from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. It was produced 100% remotely.

And check out the animation below, starting at 1:20:

Above: Worldview Films produced this video to play during President Gutmann's speech at the 2015 University of Pennsylvania Commencement. The last half of the video is animation produced 100% remotely.

This is an example of using previously shot footage and photos, made for Penn’s 2017 Commencement:

As social distancing measures are eased, we can start with small single-camera productions, while following the six-foot rule and all the guidelines laid out by the CDC.


This is our area of expertise. We do a lot of documentary-style shoots with small crews that can keep six feet.

Producing videos is a great example of what you can do now to reach your audience. Folks don’t have to leave their houses to watch video. In fact, watching videos on Zoom, Netflix, YouTube and anywhere else is how a lot of people spend their days now. So you may as well get in on it.


What sets Worldview Films apart has always been our creativity and imagination. We shine when situations are most difficult. We can help you find something exciting that you can do right now.

Please reach out to us and we'll help you explore ways to use video to engage and inspire your audience.

Thank you,

Kurtis Sensenig, Founder of Worldview Films