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Saving Ourselves



The climate crisis presents and opportunity to help humanity through the most challenging problem it may ever face - in many ways this is the most historic of moments.


The world is in desperate need of positive, inspirational climate storytelling. Without this, we risk getting stuck in a sense of paralysis that it is too late to solve the climate crisis, which could become self-fulfilling.


Instead, we need to band together as an inspired team of humanity, applying our incredible intellect and ingenuity to save our home planet.


This documentary tells the story in a way that will connect with, and inspire our audience. It can help propel viewers to join the team of humans betting on our ability to solve the problem. It can help shift the narrative.


Who knows, maybe for many years into the future, children will learn about those who committed themselves to saving humanity - the heroes of humanity.


You can be part of that story.

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