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Saving Ourselves


Follow humanity as we fight to save ourselves and our planet from the climate crisis using inspiring ingenuity and technology.


Story Summary

Saving Ourselves is a feature-length documentary in production that tells the inspiring story of humans fighting their way to safety from the climate crisis. The story builds around the fact that if we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we can continue to thrive as a species on Earth far into the future. It is up to our generation, the people who are alive right now, to start us on that course. It’s an exciting time to be alive and a chance to be the biggest heroes the human species will ever know.


This is the story of humans’ fight for survival. We are installing wind turbines, solar panels and other large projects all around the world. We are finding new ways to save energy and live well with less carbon. But there are lots of hurdles and progress has been slow.


Off the northeast coast of the United States sits one of the best areas for offshore wind in the world. A shallow seabed, and lots of consistent wind allows us to pipe large quantities of renewable electricity to this densely populated area, serving major cities like NYC and Washington DC.


The United States is finally taking decisive action, starting with its first utility-scale offshore wind farm, Vineyard Wind.


We’ll watch the construction of the many new wind farms that are already scheduled in the northeast, one of the most critical ways of moving the needle on greenhouse gasses. And there are other important ways bringing us toward zero, such as solar, hydrogen, nuclear, electric cars and much more. What will humans do to save ourselves?


Why This Vision Matters

This documentary can help us address the climate crisis by informing people of the importance of the problem while showing how we can solve it. It’s optimistic but realistic and has a sense of drama inherent in this story. The stakes have never been higher. 


Why This Idea Will Succeed in the Market

We can solve the climate crisis, but first we need more people to understand what we need to do. This is a very practical look at what it will actually take, explained in an easy and exciting way. People have come to expect sad and depressing climate stories and haven’t seen it explained as an inspiring and exciting story like this.


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