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  • Sustainability/Corporate Responsibility

  • Academia

  • Remote Learning

  • Explainer/Documentary-style

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

We work with brands to help them communicate their sustainability, ESG, and social responsibility efforts in an engaging way. We are proud that Allianz Travel is our largest brand partner in sustainability.

Sustainability is complex and can be difficult to explain. We help brands use videos to tell interesting stories about sustainability in creative and imaginative ways. This helps the brands stand out as part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Customers reward them in a special way because these are more meaningful messages than most traditional ad campaigns.


Worldview Films has over a decade of experience in doing videos for universities, academic journals and other academic institutions. Universities work with us to create videos to help with fundraising, admissions, enrollment, communications and to help accomplish other goals.


Videos we’ve produced for universities have been published by CNN, The New York Times, NBC, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and many more, receiving millions of views.


Remote Learning

Remote Learning has skyrocketed to the front of the minds of everyone in education because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is an urgent need to transition some or all classes online to keep safe social distancing measures. All of a sudden, teachers are being asked to create online classes with no time to prepare. We are here to help. We have years of experience in remote learning, and know how difficult it can be. Together, we’ll help you make something amazing.

Explainer, Documentary-style

Video is often the preferred medium to explain complex topics in an interesting way. Our explainer videos help our clients communicate more effectively with their audience. These are often called documentary-style videos, and in particularly effective cases, they have been published by the news media as content, giving our clients a priceless win that advertising money can’t compete with.


  1. Listening
    Each client is different and we want to learn all about you. Our process is focused around collaboration and communication. As a first step, we’ll have an in-person meeting or phone call to learn about each other. If you already have ideas you like, great. We'll figure out how to make them a reality. If you have absolutely nothing figured out, that is great too. We’ll ask questions about your high-level goals and if you are facing any challenges. These questions are important and can sometimes help you think about the future of your organization in new and exciting ways.


  2. Brainstorming
    Once we have a good feel for your goals, the brainstorming starts - sometimes just organically within our first conversation. This sets us apart and is where we can really be valuable, because we get very excited about coming up with ideas. Often we’ll let what we learned simmer and allow the best ideas rise to the top.

  3. Ideas
    Once the ideas have all burst to life, we’ll go over them with you. We’ll lay out the unique value of the ideas and how they will help accomplish your specific goals. It's a very collaborative process and we'll always make sure you get what you want. We’ll put the ideas on paper and move into production.

  4. Production
    We’ll start production on your favorite ideas. We’ll have a timeline for the steps along the way and a clear description of what happens in each step. Each client likes to be involved in different ways - and our goal is to always listen carefully. Some clients like us to take things off their plate (we are very good at saving you time; go ahead and take that vacation) and some prefer to be more hands on. You'll always be in charge.

  5. Publication
    Once we are all thrilled with the results of our work, we’ll help you get the hard work out to the world. We can coordinate with journalists and the press for broad distribution. Then we’ll watch the magic of the internet happen. Occasionally these videos will go viral and get widely published by the international press!

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